Our Services

Freelance Consultants

Our Consultants are top tier. They are handpicked by Prochimp, and they are capable of not just solving a task or covering a need, but also to make an impact in the team and organisation they work with. Some of them are freelancers we have a history with, some of them are our own employees. We have freelancers that work in our customers teams and we can set a full team so you can reach the company goals even faster.




Agile Methodologies

Business Development

Management consulting and Strategy

We can help our customers to get a clear under standing of their guiding star and how to navigate after it.

The Prochimp founders have many years of experience working with Strategy - how to go from a plan to making it operational. This is often a difficult exercise and sometimes it is beneficial to get some input from professionals that are not part of the organisation, but can gather unbiased input and kickstart the transformation.

Some of the tools to do so is to look at the strenghts in the organisation and leverage it and find the weaknesses and turn it in to possibilities. Tools that can be used for these purposes are Strategy House, Roadmaps and mapping key initiatives.


We offer assessment of your Sitecore or Episerver CMS. The assessment gives you insights on the current state of your platform, where to improve and strengthen your platform. In other words it is taking the temperature of the platform. The assessment is very useful if you want an independent 3rd party to evaluate your brand new platform, or if you are considering how to improve, update or renew an existing. We only use some of the best experts in the world with a proven track record, to perform the assessment. It all results in a report with recommendations and possible actions.

Years of experience

We have access to the brightest within Sitecore development. Our consultants have done assessments on some of the largest and most complex Sitecore installations in the world.

MVP access

Our consultants are Episerver MVPs and have experience from Episerver building the platform, but also building solutions and doing assessments. No one knows the platform better.


Prochimp offers two products for enterprise businesses and public clients. One is a multi-cloud service and the other handles security related to your microservices. Learn a little about the products here and feel free to contact us for more information about the products, how they work and how they can be valuable assets in your architecture.

The Cloud Broker

Imagine having every team able to create new source repositories, new CI/CD pipelines, and to add any new resources to
production and non-production environments with the execution of a single command. Imagine to be able to do all of this while being completely in line with your security, architectural and compliance requirements.
This is what Fractal by Yanchware delivers to your organization.

Enterprise security for your microservices

Assign identities to each and every service operating in your IT landscape, enable your team to enforce granular authorisation control over the network traffic between your instances, automate your Public Key Infrastructure. This is only some of Ocelot by Yanchware features, and it can provide all this while ensuring extreme velocity in your software development lifecycle.